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Found & Made by lauren b

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Kelly Miller

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The typical textures exposed at industrial demolition sites in my metropolis of Saint Louis are mesmerizing. The repetition of mechanized patterns, array of discarded materials, and the accidental color combinations invent a stunning stratum-like beauty. I pull inspiration from those sites to build jewelry that offers an aesthetically pleasing point of view on destruction and beautified consumerism in America.

By using classic fabrication methods, I construct each piece using precious metal, stones, and enamel. Then, by combining them with modern industrial materials like urethane foam, aluminum, printed tin, and powder coat, each piece becomes a small copy or artifact of one of those demolition sites.

Through a gradual process of building the up materials layer-by-layer, the raw and refined elements visually anchor this body of work together. Just as every discarded industrial heap has a gem, a gleam of shimmer, each of my pieces has a beauty mark to reinforce the idea that beauty comes from within.

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Pinup pupz

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